USA Green Services is a collective of web professionals and business strategists who believe in a greener world, and who exist to help green professionals become self-sustaining businesses.

We do this by creating local green websites and helping consumers find green professionals to use for all their service needs. Please click on any of the links below to see some of our websites.

Who We Are

Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Wiggins
Bruce has 38 years of small business ownership, operations design and management experience. Additionally, he has volunteered as a coach for start-up businesses in the Seattle area and has coached over 120 new business owners.

He is a member and past president of the Seattle Executives Association. Bruce has been involved in the “greening of business” his entire adult life and is working on a new green certification program for print and copy shops.

Chief Marketing Officer

James Dunn
James Dunn is a social entrepreneur with a unique combination of both for-profit and not-for-profit experience. Subsequent to receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in theater and film from Brock University near Toronto, James spent many years as a social worker, counselor, and social activist before becoming an adult educator specializing in adult literacy programs. After spending another decade as a artist and entrepreneur, James entered the business world, working for five years as a regional sales director for a multinational corporation in Miami. Later, he moved to North Carolina and was an online marketer, founding an online network of over 100 vacation websites.

James has spent the past few years as a trainer of low-income entrepreneurs for Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help, a microenterprise organization based in Seattle. He is currently building a new youth social enterprise – Bizcorps – to train and finance young people all over the world to become financially self-sustaining through the use of green, online, and digital products and services.

Chief Development Officer

Jerri Andreasen
Jerri’s background includes over 7 years software technical support, three years web design and development at Microsoft, and two years as co-owner and primary developer at Sparrow Web Design.

She has also built furniture by hand, manufactured environmentally-friendly herbal flea collars, and run a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm.

Chief Creative Officer

Jo Lowenthal
Jo’s design work for green causes started with local Eco groups to bring back wolves to Washington State and protect endangered species.

She cast Glass and Bronze art pieces at Pratt Fine Arts and Pilchuck Glass School. Jo received a certificate for Digital Design at the University of Washington and the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. She free-lanced and trained with Maestri and Newman Design in Seattle.

Jo attended the Web Design program at Seattle Central College, and she is owner/designer of Little Wing, focusing on web and print.

Contact Us

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